Luxury student apartments in Bristol receive eye-catching glass façade as part of £1.3m make-over

A former office block in Bristol has been transformed into a complex of luxury student apartments – complete with an impressive new look from Jack Aluminium Systems.

AA Aluminium Systems installed Jack Aluminium’s JCW curtain walling system in the £1.3m make-over project to create the Study Inn, a modern and comprehensive all-inclusive living experience for university students.

The city-centre site, which had energy conservation at the forefront of its design, used a combination of aluminium and PVCu to achieve the right style. The JCW curtain walling specialist commercial glazing system relies on an innovative clip-in plate and ladder system to help make installations fast and efficient.

Sam Keshwala, director at AA Aluminium Systems, won the commission to create the floor-to-ceiling aluminium framework, designed to blend in discretely and show off the massive expanse of glass. For this project, the aluminium was ordered from Jack Aluminium Systems.

Sam says: “This job was really interesting because we were asked to create a bespoke framework for one entire side of a building.

“At our Leicester base, the framework was cut to size, constructed and delivered to site. There, and only there, is the glass fitted. We ordered the aluminium from Jack Aluminium and we were very impressed.”

In the last few months, Sam has teamed up with Jack Aluminium. He says a project runs more smoothly when there is good teamwork. He also revealed that more projects are planned for the future, since creating a solid working relationship.

“To be honest, we always like to order our aluminium in from Jack Aluminium Systems. Everything has to be accurate and precise and that’s why working with the team at Jack is so effortless.

“It’s absolutely vital that our frames are perfect. We rely so heavily on seeing the physical plans because we rarely visit a site.

“This job was very interesting and it’s one of many we’ve been involved with. Long may our relationship with Jack Aluminium continue.”