JD47 Non-thermal Door & Shopfront

The JD4 non-thermal commercial door and shopfront system is the perfect solution for both commercial and public sector buildings looking for high-security glazing. Developed with the customer in mind, we have used value-engineering principles to deliver a system that is both technically proficient and aesthetically pleasing. The system is robust and secure, making it ideal for high traffic areas and entrances.

JD47 Non-thermal door and shopfront features


22mm glazing height on the beads means a greater glass coverage and greater resistance to break-ins. It also responds to European specifications.

The ‘beads’ have been designed onto the rail sections on the doors, which dramatically increases the security of the system by eliminating the opportunity to deglaze the system from the outside. It also reduces fabrication time, by eliminating the need to fit the bead to the rail and then screw the bead to the rail.

A ‘designed-in’ bead feature groove is positioned onto the ‘designed-in’ glazing detail so that the appearance of the door is balanced and attractive.


The Jack Aluminium door has a 100mm, a 55mm and a heavy duty top rail for sliding doors. The extra height option on the door rail is to give a better sight line to the top door, whilst also giving the opportunity to match the sight line of the standard bottom rail to the top rail.

There are two bottom rails, 100mm & 150mm heights, to give a choice of appearance, and to improve door strength where needed. The bottom rails have a designed in wool pile and brush strip carrier to save time and cost of manufacture.


The Jack Aluminium system has a channel section which can be fitted between the legs of the bottom rail to give support to the bottom pivot when manufacturing doors with anti-finger trap features, but also as a feature to increase the rigidity at the bottom of the door when it is felt that the door may be subjected to some abuse. When used on a typical door the channel also gives support to the bottom pivot by resisting lateral twist.

A standard 100mm x 50mm design to the framing system complies with traditional sight lines. Glass sizes remain the same between single and double glaze systems, which saves the fabricator from having to remember the difference in glass sizes. The single and double glazed sections are interchangeable in certain conditions. A single glazed pocket plate will fit into a double glazed pocket channel.

A single header bar saves on stock and helps to eliminate error when ordering.

We have two double wool pile door stiles, a standard and a 100mm door stile. The 100mm stile gives the bigger door more strength and rigidity.

We stock all door and frame profiles in Satin Anodised (SAA25) finish. There are some systems on the market unable to offer a satisfactory anodised finish. We regard it is an important and popular choice of product so we offer this in both single and double glazed products.

On the single glazed door a separate bead is needed on the header when a fan light is required. This is stocked in 2500mm length to minimise waste. The double glazed system needs just one glazing bead on the door. On the door stiles there is a specific single glazed bead which suites with the external double glazed for single glazed applications.

The double glazed door takes up to 28mm glazing whilst the single glazed door will cover 6.4, 8.8 and 10.8mm glazing. Gaskets to suit these glazing options are held in stock.

On painted sections we offer a cut down service on door rail and stile sections.

JD47 Non-thermal Door & Shopfront System features

  • 50mm sightline single and double glazed
  • Door profile suitable for glass between 6mm – 28mm
  • Anti-finger trap features
  • Slim pocket channel for narrow doorways
  • Robust security bead to help resist attack on the glazing system
  • Choice of thresholds – 100mm, 150mm or drained threshold
  • Short run cut and paint service for different door colours with minimal waste
  • Durable for busy environments like schools
  • Quick and simple to fabricate

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