Jack Aluminium: Delivering market-leading aluminium systems.

Following a year of growth and significant expansion, Andy Short, Director at Jack Aluminium Systems, is reflecting on the success the company experienced in 2023 and is looking ahead at what he hopes will be an even bigger and better 2024.

Jack Aluminium: Delivering market-leading aluminium systems.

With two new product innovations, a new site and a fast growing team – 2023 was a huge year for us at Jack Aluminium.

We know that we’re not alone when we say that 2023 was a turbulent year. Whether it was issues with the supply chain, political turbulence, the country’s financial instability and the general obstacles we face running a business, it’s safe to say we encountered our fair share of challenges.

Every bumpy road can be navigated though, and we worked incredibly hard to achieve these fantastic milestones as a team, that has not only helped us grow, but improve our products and services for customers, too.

Tapping into what installers, specifiers, architects and contractors need from products is where our strength has always been, and where our success has always come from. Our ethos has, and always will be, built on listening to what our customers need and providing them with systems that are fit to deliver, easy to fabricate and simple to install – it’s the driving force behind our product innovations.

Reaping the rewards of knowing your market

We saw major success following our expansion into the domestic market in 2023, with the launch of our ID30 internal heritage glazing system. We were aware of the shift away from open-plan living spaces and towards ‘broken-plan’ in the interior design market and identified the need for slimline, heritage-style screening.


Even after its launch, we continued to think about what else our customers would need from the product. We underwent further testing and research to find how we could add value, and so we introduced a transom profile, for those wanting a traditional heritage door, and a lockbox. We’re set to continue innovating too, with further new products set to launch in 2024, including our first ever bi-fold door.

This is just one example of how we push the boundaries to provide high-performance, energy efficient and durable products for both the commercial and domestic market, and we felt the demand for our products too – so much so, it meant a factory expansion very quickly became a necessity, rather than just a goal for us.

We expanded our manufacturing space by an additional 17,000 sq. ft. in July, moving to a new HQ on the outskirts of Coventry. This not only helped us stick to our commitment of delivering on short lead times, but it helped us better respond to the increasing demand for stock colour options, which allowed us to offer a broader array of choice.

2024: Looking to the future

With the new year rolling around, we really want to use the move to our new facility as an opportunity to continue pushing forward with our ambitions. With our additional space, it’s made it possible for us to invest more time and resources into new product development.

A lot of work has gone into creating our range of aluminium systems for both residential and commercial applications, but we really want to work on creating a whole suite of systems that will provide our customers with products that meet their every need, and our new facility will give us the room and opportunities to achieve this.

Plus, with David, our newest Technical Support Engineer, joining the team back in November, we are able to utilise his extensive technical experience to help us develop even better products, while continuing to offer extensive technical support and fast turnarounds, so we can continue delivering a better, faster and more friendly service to our customers.

To find out more about Jack Aluminium Systems and its products, visit: www.jackaluminium.co.uk